Bluetooth Conversions

Bluetooth 4.0 Updates for Vintage Radios

We can modify your early radios, record players, Hi-Fis, and just about any piece of audio gear to work seamlessly and automatically with your Bluetooth music device.

If you’re interested in car audio conversions, see our page for vintage car audio.

How does this work? When powered on, your set will transmit a signal that you can use to connect to your iPhone, iPad, Android, and any Bluetooth capable smartphone or music device. Once your device is synced, your set will automatically switch over to Bluetooth audio which can be controlled completely through your audio player. Volume and tone (if available) can also be controlled from your radio’s front panel, seamlessly, as was designed from the factory. Once your music device is disconnected, normal operation of the set will resume.

50s atomic hi fi record player restoration repair bluetooth update conversion

A stereo jack can also be added to your set in order to connect non-Bluetooth enabled audio devices, and allows it to work in the same way. This includes CD players, cable or satellite TV audio, pocket MP3 players with a headphone jack, computer audio, or anything with a line level audio output.

The conversion process includes a compete service and/or repair of your vintage unit before the conversion process. This will help safeguard against poor reliability and any electrical hazards which running unrestored vintage electronic devices typically present.

Minimum feature conversions on smaller tabletop radios start at $220

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